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Nature and the Log Pile

Wildlife gardening

Since the 1930s we have lost more than 50% of the natural wildlife habitat.

We don’t have to reforest our gardens to provide this much needed habitat. Placing a  small pile of logs in a secluded spot in the garden can support a multitude of different creepy crawlies, provide a refuge and hunting ground for small mammals, reptiles and amphibians, and shelter for over-wintering and hibernating wildlife.  We did this in our own garden.


Lola our new Bengal kitten took quite a liking to our log pile the other day, she spent hours hunting it, so we thought we had better check there were no rats! We carefully moved the logs. We found 2 lizards, 1 toad and a lovely sweet doormouse, obviulsy Lola had found it first, dont worry still safely in one piece. We are a little naughty though as we place a little food out for him now and again.

A simple pile of logs can very quickly become a flourishing wildlife community in your own garden..

Charlie 07486 917485