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Closeboard Fencing & Gates Installation Gloucestershire

Our client was looking for extra parking suitable for extra car and caravan storage.

We erected a New closeboard fence and a pair of gates hung for easy access. The ground was prepared and finished in gravel with a blockpaved wheel strips.

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Astro Turf and Artificial Grass Installers

Artificial Lawn Astro TurfUnder The Flower Pot, are experts in the supply and installation of artificial grass lawns.

Artificial grass or Astro Turf as many people call it, is perfect for people who love the look and feel of grass but don't have the time or patience to give their lawn the proper care required to maintain the perfect look.

Astro Turf Installers Gloucestershire

Artificial lawns offers the benefit of no mowing, weeding and watering. Its perfect for children and pet friendly whilst looking and feeling like a real grass lawn. Astroturf looks perfect in all the seasons 365 days of the year, you can even have lines in the artificial lawn so it appears to be just mown.

Artificial grass is perfect for familys that have a children and want a safe play area that you do not need to keep moving to mow the lawn. Pet loving clients like astroturf or artificial lawns as they can clear up mess and then can wash and disinfect the area really easily.

So if you are looking for the look of a beautiful lawn without the hassle of caring for it an articial lawn will leave you and your family more time to enjoy your garden.

All work is guaranteed and carried out by trained artificial lawn experts. Call us on 07486 917485 to book a free quotation for your artificial lawn.

Deadhead Buddlejas to Encourage Re-Flowering

BuddlejaDeadhead your Buddlejas after they have flowered to encourage re-flowering.

As soon as the flowers are over, cut back to a side shoot, this will encourage more flowers right into Autumn, which in turn will then help the insects and butterflies in the wildlife garden.

Removing Ground Elder

Ground-ElderCharacterised by green, lobed leaves, cream-white flowers with flat heads in summer, ground elder spreads rapidly through your borders. What makes it even more difficult to remove is it can creeps between all your plants and shrubs. Creating large clumps of foliage that cover and smother smaller plants. Ground elder starts to die down below ground Autumn/Winter time, which means it's difficult to spot when cultivating the soil. Even small fragments left of the root can re-grow into new plants.

The solutions to remove Ground Elder

Digging up up the ground Elder and removing including all the cream white roots, but be careful they break very easily. Cut any new foilage as it grows just below ground level with a hoe, this will weaken the nasty perennial, but this needs to be done every 2 weeks. You can also carefully fork through the soil. If you have any culivated plants that have Ground Elder in you can dig the plants up and wash the roots and carefully removing all the cream white roots of the ground Elder.

Prune Summer Flowers

Plant MaintenanceGive a little extra time to Vinca and Dahlias, from mid-summer pruning will help stimulate more flowers which will carry you through to the fall.

Cut back to a side branch, and water well in the warmer months, fertilize them to give a helping hand, which will form new growth and you can enjoy the blooms.

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