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Landscape Gardeners Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Cotswolds

LandscapingWe offer a full garden design and landscaping service in Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds. We undertake all elements of hard and soft landscaping including waterscapes.

Garden Landscaping :-

There is an insurmountable array of materials that are now used for patios and hard areas. The main materials are stone, paving slabs, metal and many different types of gravels and aggregates are used in Garden Design.

Man-made paving slabs are supplied in various colours and sizes which when laid becomes a jigsaw of interlocking shapes. The only set back is that some slabs can quickly lose their colour through weathering. Natural stone is now very popular, since the importation of Indian Sandstone which is inexpensive and again is supplied in various colours and sizes. Other interesting hard materials are slate, granite and Limestone.

Soft landscaping

Planting is an art in itself. The colours, textures, size and shape of the plants provide a never ending changing canvass from year to year. Many of our clients request an instant impact with large shrubs and container grown trees to bring an immediate impact, which is why we obtain plants from a wide range of nurseries from all over the UK.


Water in the garden is changing. In addition to the Fish Pond, water themes are becoming more imaginative to bring movement, sound and sheer pleasure to large gardens or to tiny courtyards. Materials are ever increasing from natural stone columns to glass to metal – to spheres to walls to arches.

At Under The Flower Pot we continually design new ways of featuring water within a garden through rills, over walls, down columns, over spheres, bowls and of course up through fountains.

Many of our water features are unique as they are bespoke to make sure that the same feature is not repeated just down the road.

Charlie 07486 917485