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Garden Design

Olive TreePhase One – Garden Design Consultation

  • Our First Meeting is to discuss your ideas and requirements that you would like from your garden. These are discussed together with any other forgotten objectives; all of which are carefully listed with their priority.
  • The garden is viewed so the surrounding environment can be assessed and photographs taken to make sure nothing is missed.
  • The available budget is discussed and whether the garden will be constructed in stages by you or from start to finish by a credited landscaper.
  • This usually takes about 2-3 hours.

 Phase Two – Scaled Garden Design Plans

  • Based upon our discussions a design brief and quotation is generated for the scaled design plans and survey.
  • Upon approval, a survey is taken of the garden, which includes all visual features such as drain-covers etc., and objects that will be retained such as trees and hedges.
  • The initial designs plans are completed and a meeting scheduled to view the initial plans and discuss any additions or variances.
  • Any additions or alterations are made and further meetings are held before the final design with overview plan and 3D isometric views are presented

At this point you have the option to carry out the works yourself, engage your own landscaper or commission Under The Flower pot to follow the project to completion.

 Phase Three – Construction

  • A construction brief is written for the building of the project, which includes a copy of the overview plans, relevant drawings and list of items necessary for the landscaper, including our estimated charges.
  • We will make contact with the most relevent landscapers in the area to check their credentials. A summary of each company is sent to you, then with your approval are sent invitations to tender.
  • Meetings are held with the most suitable landscapers in partnership with you to select the best candidate.
  • A meeting with the landscaper on site is held to go through the construction plans and drawings.
  • We will inspect the project at intervals throughout the duration of the project.

 Our Fees

This meeting is in order to discuss what you wish from your garden and for us to present our portfolio of previous designs and view the garden. Our design charges start from as little as £450.00 for a small urban garden which will rise for larger and more complex designs.

Charlie 07486 917485