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Removing Ground Elder

Ground-ElderCharacterised by green, lobed leaves, cream-white flowers with flat heads in summer, ground elder spreads rapidly through your borders. What makes it even more difficult to remove is it can creeps between all your plants and shrubs. Creating large clumps of foliage that cover and smother smaller plants. Ground elder starts to die down below ground Autumn/Winter time, which means it's difficult to spot when cultivating the soil. Even small fragments left of the root can re-grow into new plants.

The solutions to remove Ground Elder

Digging up up the ground Elder and removing including all the cream white roots, but be careful they break very easily. Cut any new foilage as it grows just below ground level with a hoe, this will weaken the nasty perennial, but this needs to be done every 2 weeks. You can also carefully fork through the soil. If you have any culivated plants that have Ground Elder in you can dig the plants up and wash the roots and carefully removing all the cream white roots of the ground Elder.

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