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Check the condition of your lawn

After you have mowed the lawn, give it a check over for hollows and bare patches, just like us, all we need is a little tlc, run some repairs to damaged areas of the lawn.

Mow little and often is the key to success. Regular cutting keeps the grass thick, tidy and helps keep those weeds at bay. Remove weeds by hand if just a small patch or single weeds. Alternatively if your lawn has large colonies of weeds, such as the creeping buttercup or moss, use a selective weed killer. The shops sell a wide variety of weed killers, just remember if you have pets to check the label first.

Feeding your lawn regularly with a fertiliser will help keep it looking greener and thick, which also helps keep the weeds to a minimum, just remember to check the formulations depending on the time of year you are feeding.

During the warmer months were the long dry spells arrive, mow less frequently, let the grass grow a little longer and try not to use summer feeds that will help new growth as the lawn will turn brown when in a drought area.

Charlie 07486 917485